Outdoor Electrical services

NAPIT & TrustMark

Outdoor Electrical Installations

By law in England & Wales all new outdoor electrical circuit installations are classed as notifiable works and must be covered by a building regulations compliance certificate. All of these items of work is best left to be undertaken by a registered electrician who will issue you with an installation certificate including notifications to the local building control office at no additonal cost to yourself.

The following are examples of notifiable new outdoor electrical circuits, outdoor security & decorative lighting circuits, outdoor sockets, outdoor buildings including sheds etc, mains voltage garden lighting and pond pumps, hot tubs etc. Each of these requiring new circuits to be installed must only be undertaken by a qualified & registered electrician otherwise you must organise and have the work registered and inspected by your local building control office at your own expense.

Your safety is paramount and seems obvious but we see installations on a daily basis that are dangerous with the occupants being put at serious risk without them even realising it. We are full scope NAPIT & TrustMark approved contractors for this kind of work, meaning that not only are our qualifications scrutinised but that we are onsite inspected on an annual basis. All outdoor electrical installations must be rated and installed ensuring that your installation remains safe in all weather conditions. You can be assured that all of our work will be expertly installed, meet all current regulations & be safe for you and your family to use.