LED Lighting (Energy efficient LED)

LED downlight

Want to reduce your energy bills?

Everyone loves the look of low voltage downlights but hates the associated problems of using them, such as the high heat output that they produce, the constant blowing of bulbs the transformers that burn out and fail along and with the high running costs that makes them really impractical. The good news is that these downlights can be converted to use the brilliant energy efficient LED bulbs whilst removing from the circuit any low voltage transformers.

LED lighting is not only for downlights but can be used to replace all of your lighting needs inside of your home, including your outdoor decorative and security lighting. Removing the need for replacing bulbs in awkward to get at lights is a real bonus too.

We have installed countless amounts of Energy efficient LED lighting to houses, commercial & Industrial buildings. The energy savings are quite significant and with the fit and forget idea they make perfect sense. Our customers love the look of them as they are stylish as well as giving fantastic light output at a fraction of the wattage needed to power traditional tungsten and halogen lights. This means that you could reduce your lighting energy useage by a staggering 80%. We are experts at either converting your existing lighting or simply replacing your current light fittings over and getting rid of those dreaded transformers to use energy efficient LED bulbs. You will not be changing the bulbs over too often either as most have burning times of 10 years and most carry garantees of 5 years from the manufacturers. You cannot help but benefit from upgrading your old traditional lighting. Contact us to get a quote now and start to enjoy hassle free lighting. Do not confuse LED lights with those energy efficient bulbs that take forever to glow bright. LED is instant light output to maximum brightness at the flick of your switch. You can even have dimmers with LED although we would need to either upgrade your existing light switches or fit dimmable LEDs to the right equipment (dimming use only).