Fuseboard upgrade

Part P registered installer

Why should I bother?

Upgrading your fuseboard from an old style fuseboard has many advantages.

The first & foremost is from a safety aspect. If you have a fuseboard that utilises rewireable fuses or has no Rcd protection then you will certainly benefit from having this work done.

An old style fuseboard usually means that you will have limited protection from serious electrocution if something should go wrong. If you need to have any additional circuits added at any time to your home for an extension, additional sockets or an electric shower etc, you will have to have these items added to a seperate board that incorporates Rcd protection which in turn adds to the cost of having these jobs done. A new fuseboard should have spare capacity available for this type of addition. Just the convenience of flicking a switch instead of fumbling around with fuse wire is a major benefit in itself. The safety features of protecting you and your family is the major reason for having this essential work done.

However do not be fooled into seeing the cost of a cheap inferior fuseboard found in a local DIY store then paying someone on the cheap to fit it for you. You could well be back in the same position if not worse than you were before you started. By law you must only use a registered electrician to complete this work for you as you need to obtain a part P compliance certificate which only a registered electrician can obtain through his government registered scheme. Other reasons why you should use us to upgrade your fuseboard is that for your peace of mind we garantee all of our work. You will be glad you did as our prices are very competitive. If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur to do it for you. We all like to save money but there are certain jobs you cannot take chances with, this is one of those jobs.